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NASS holds a current WorkCover Class 1 Unrestricted Demolition Licence and have completed a variety of demolition projects for a diverse range of clients through out New South Wales.

NASS specialises in detailed demolition works including structural demolition, concrete coring and sawing, structural propping and bracing, services demolition, internal strip outs, and hazardous material removal.

NASS - Demolition Done Better


Concrete Coring & Sawing
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NASS provides specialised concrete coring and sawing services to the construction industry. Nass owns and operates a variety of concrete coring and sawing equipment including electrical and diesel road saws, handheld ring saws and quickcuts, as well as a range of quality core drills.

NASS can offer customer and project specific coring and sawing rates to cater for your precise requirements whilst supplying prompt service and excellent quality.

NASS - The Coring & Sawing Specialists


Brokk Services
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NASS owns and operates a remote controlled robotic demolition machine - a Brokk 160. The Brokk 160 is the ultimate demolition machine that provides safe, powerful and efficient solutions to every demolition challenge. The Brokk 160 is designed to work within confined spaces with no emissions, quiet operations and quick results.

NASS provides a range of Brokk services including both the SB202 Hammer and CC420 Crusher attachments to ensure that your demolition project is completed at the highest quality and well within the specified time frame and budget.

NASS - The New Brokk on the Block


Labour Hire
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NASS provides a variety of labour hire services including general labour, tradespeople, demolition labour, machine operators and RISI workers to the construction industry.

NASS prides itself on supplying a quality labour service of hard working, highly skilled and experience work force that is always prompt and punctual.

NASS - Labour Worth Hiring




NASS can also provide competitive rates on a wide range of plant, tools, equipment and materials to support the Nass labour team. The services include:

» Brokk 160 with Hydraulic Crusher and Hydraulic Jackhammer.
» Petrol and Electric Road and Hand Saws.
» Concrete Coring and Drilling Equipment.
» Compressors and Air Compressed Hammers
» Pneumatic and Hydraulic Jackhammers.
» Kango and Hitachi Electric Demolition Hammers.
» Bobcats and Excavators.
» Single Axle and Bogie Tippers.
» Hand and Power Tools.


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