Nass Associations       


NASS was founded in 1990 when Seamus O'Donnell used his civil trade background from his native Ireland to assemble a crew of Nass Jackhammer Men to complete detailed demolition projects throughout Sydney. The Nass Jackhammer Men quickly built a formidable reputation within the construction industry that lives on today.

NASS obtained a WorkCover Class 1 Unrestricted Demolition Licence in 1996 and since then have completed a variety of demolition projects for a diverse range of clients through out New South Wales.

NASS has continued to supply strong, hard working and skilled workers to the construction labour market and to this day is renowned for the people and services they supply to the construction industry.


“NASS will do the job better” is the philosophy that the company was founded on and it continues to focus on this philosophy today.

NASS believes that you are only as good as your last project and with a large percentage of our work coming from repeat customers we know that the services we provide are second to none.

NASS is purely focused on customer service and we know that we will always do the job better no matter how hard, how big or how small the job is.


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